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Field & Forest Recreation Area

2017 Season Opener Info

Important information follows...please read everything.

Campground Address:
Field & Forest Recreation Area
890 NH-137
Harrisville, NH 03450
GPS Coordinates: 42°56'36.72"N, 72° 0'46.97"W

The gate opens at 3:00pm on Thursday, please do not show up before this. Trails will open Friday morning.

Please check in at our registration area in immediately upon arrival. The registration tent is on your right after you go over the culvert and enter the campground proper, across from the bathhouse. Check-in is available from 3:00pm - 9:00pm Thursday, 8:00am to 9:00pm Friday, and 8:00am- 1:00pm Saturday. If you arrive early in the morning or later at night, please sign the waiver at the check-in tent when you arrive and come back to check-in at 8:00am. If you are going to arrive after 1:00pm on Saturday, please contact me in advance. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: We will require payment in CASH for any unpaid passengers/campers at this time at check-in. We will also have a waiver for all participants to sign and are doing a vehicle check at this time. When checking in, please park on the grass to the left on either end of the bathhouse. After unloading, all tow rigs and trailers should be parked in one of the back fields. No car trailers are allowed AT ALL in horseshoe across from the bathhouse (in front of the electric sites and some of the grove sites). 

If you are not familiar with the property, trail maps will be available and the trails are well marked. MINIMUM GROUP SIZE IS 2. Minimum vehicle requirements are 33's and 2 lockers! Lone vehicles will not be allowed on the trails. Groups on Green and Blue Trails are required to have winches on at least half the vehicles. Every vehicle on Black and Red Trails is required to have a winch.

A couple of notes about night wheeling:
1. After dark, the north end of the trails are off limits...this includes Boulderdash, Everything Sucks, etc.
2. While we can appreciate the appeal of running the trails at night, things have gotten pretty out of hand. In order to mitigate our liability as well as maintain quieter atmosphere in the campground (where some people are actually trying to sleep), ALL WHEELING RIGS need to be PARKED by MIDNIGHT, wherever you are. No vehicles should be wheeling or driving in the campground after midnight, so plan accordingly. If you're broken out back, it needs to be left and moved in the morning, etc.


  • Please park on the grass and drive on the roads. Do not block the road to other traffic, and do not drive over the grass, or across the fields. Do not park on the grass across the road from the bathhouse.​
  • Please drive slowly in the campground and on our entrance road. There are apt to be dogs and kids around. Please be respectful of our neighbors by keeping things quiet and sedate when pulling back out of the driveway.
  • Well behaved dogs are more than welcome, but please clean up after him/her. There are disposal bags available in the both the men’s and ladies rooms.
  • Please do your best to conserve water. Especially in dry periods, water is in short supply.
  • Only firewood originating in New Hampshire permitted in the campground. We do have firewood for sale on site.
  • Please burn only in designated fire pits. Fire pits cannot be moved. Please keep cans and bottles out of the fire pits. Please extinguish fires fully before leaving.


  • Absolutely NO drinking on the trails. Anybody seen drinking on the trails (whether driver or passenger) will be asked to leaved immediately, with no refunds given.
  • Proper recovery equipment is REQUIRED. Always use a tree strap when winching.
  • Do not litter. Please pack out any trash.
  • Please keep all smoking and cigarette butts inside vehicles.

MINIMUM VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS (Please note: these will be strictly enforced! You should not be on our trails without proper tow points and recovery gear (tow strap, tree saver, etc.). You shouldn’t be on our Blacks and Reds without a winch.)

  • Green/Blue Trails: 33's and 2 lockers, factory roof or cage, winch strongly suggested.
  • Black Trails: 35's, 2 lockers, cage, winch required, minimal regard for body damage
  • Red Trails: 36's, 2 lockers, winch, cage, no regard for body damage...(these are man trails.)

In case of an emergency or medical issue the nearest hospital is about 10 miles away: Monadnock Community Hospital, 452 Old Street Road, Peterborough, NH 03458‎

Thanks! Look forward to seeing you this weekend,